Target group: Care leaver in Baden Württemberg (federal state in Germany)
Main goal of the project: “We are one Community!”
Short summary: Network work with care leaver
- CL-Weekend MBH Tübingen
- Hold meetings  of former care leavers from MBH Tübingen decentralised ho...

Target group: Young people who are leaving system of social protection, young people who left system of social protection, who are part of system of social protection, and who need extra support in one period of their lives.

Main goal of the project: Empowerment young p...

Country: The Netherlands

Target group: Careleavers, specific youth from 16 – 18 years old

Main goal of the project: Connect careleavers

Short summary: The circle organization is a platform, online and offline, which connects all people who are in care or careleavers. The...

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