Country: The Netherlands

Target group: Careleavers, specific youth from 16 – 18 years old

Main goal of the project: Connect careleavers

Short summary: The circle organization is a platform, online and offline, which connects all people who are in care or careleavers. The...

Target group: 16+, health care and aftercare youth

Main goal of the project: To prepare and inform youth about what they need to take care of
before and when they turn 18 years old

Short summary: Young people in care in the Netherlands are entitled to basic assistance un...

Target group: Children in care and care leavers up to the age of 25

Main goal of the project: To ensure a more joined-up approach from national and local government departments when implementing policies and procedures than impact on care-experienced young people.


Target group: Social workers and leaving care workers who are supporting young people in and leaving care

Main goal of the project: To co-develop, deliver and test out a training programme to increase social worker and leaving care worker confidence and skills in recogn...

Target group: Young people aged 12 to 18 who are in care and leaving care in the City of York

Main goal of the project: To improve young people’s knowledge and experience of employment by providing opportunities to take part in employment skills workshops and work exper...

Target group: Care leavers

Main goal of the project: Support care leavers /job seekers to gain part-time/full-time employment. 

Short summary and what we do
Employment Focus, is a free registered recruitment agency within Focus Ireland and based at PETE in Dublin. The...

Short summary: My life in numbers describes the life of a care leaver through the medium of spoken numbers. 

Target group: Any person with care experience

Main goal of the project: Independent Advocacy, Policy and Participation 

Short summary: EPIC is a national organisation that works with and for children and young people who are currently living in care or who have experienc...

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