Target group: Young people between 15 and 18 years

Main goal of the project: To increase the level of education

Short summary: Education until 18 aims to ensure that all young people complete an education beyond compulsory school. Often, organisations engaged in youth wo...

Target group: Former (care leaver) of Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf e.V. Waldenburg (place in Baden Württemberg, federal state in Germany)

Main goal of the project: Contact, exchange of views and consultation from and 
with former and employee of the equipment.


Target group: Care leaver in Baden Württemberg (federal state in Germany)
Main goal of the project: “We are one Community!”
Short summary: Network work with care leaver
- CL-Weekend MBH Tübingen
- Hold meetings  of former care leavers from MBH Tübingen decentralised ho...

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