England - Pathway plans

Target group: Children in care and care leavers up to the age of 25

Main goal of the project: To ensure a more joined-up approach from national and local government departments when implementing policies and procedures than impact on care-experienced young people.

Short summary: Corporate Parenting refers to the role and responsibilities of the state in relation to children in care and young people who leave care. It is based on the idea that the state should act as a good parent would. All national and local government departments should apply the benchmark “would this be good enough for my child?” when developing policies and practice. In this way, services (e.g. Housing, Health, Employers and Welfare Benefits) should consider the impact of their policies on children in care and care leavers to make sure that they are not disadvantaged or negatively affected) so that they have the same opportunities to succeed as any other child.

Recent examples of good Corporate Parenting include:

Exemption from council tax – 26 local authorities have announced that care leavers living in their own home will no longer need to pay council tax to the local authority. In England, each household pays council tax to cover the cost of local services such as police, fireman, public highways etc. The amount varies from area to area, but the exemption could save care leavers around £100 each month. (See: https://shar.es/1TEkKa)

Staying Put – Since 2014 all local authorities should provide the relevant support to enable young people to remain with their foster carer up to the age of 21, should this wish. The aim is to make it easier for young people to remain with carers and provide them with a more normative transition to adulthood.

Giving children and young people in care a chance to share their views, make decisions about things that affect them and be heard. Every local authority should have a Children in Care Council to represent the views of care leavers.

Care Leaver Covenant – From 2017 every local authority should develop and publish a local offer to care leavers, e.g. what they can expect of their corporate parents in respect of housing, financial support, help with health, education, employment and how long they will be supported.

Useful links (video's, website,etc.):



Contact person & organization: Jo Dixon and Jade Ward, University of York, jo.dixon@york.ac.uk

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