International (concept) The circle organization (Garage 2020)

Country: The Netherlands

Target group: Careleavers, specific youth from 16 – 18 years old

Main goal of the project: Connect careleavers

Short summary: The circle organization is a platform, online and offline, which connects all people who are in care or careleavers. The target group can vary in age from 16 upwards 18. The main goal is connecting and helping youth in healthcare by providing them with peer support. This is possible through events, chat, a buddy system etc.

The circle organization is a concept idea, formed by care experts. They are youth who experienced the problems of care leaving themselves and are now working on helping forward the next generation of care leavers. They designed the concept for the circle organization with the guidance of the Garage2020-Twente team in providing them with a process for innovation.

Contact person & organization: Fleur Mensink, Kwartiermaker Garage2020-Twente,

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