Ireland - Focus Ireland - Employment Focus

Target group: Care leavers

Main goal of the project: Support care leavers /job seekers to gain part-time/full-time employment.

Short summary and what we do: Employment Focus, is a free registered recruitment agency within Focus Ireland and based at PETE in Dublin. The service supports job seekers to gain part-time and full-time paid employment. This service has a team of recruitment support workers who will meet with candidates and support them with job preparation, job applications, interview skills. Please see the below video for more on what Employment Focus does and please contact the team directly for further details.

Due to our funding requirements, we must prioritise all referrals, where the job seeker meets the following criteria: 1. Job seeker has a history of residential care 2. Age 18-25 years 3. Job ready (motivated with an up to date CV-see attached referral form) and interested in engaging with a recruitment support worker to seek paid employment Useful links (videos, websites etc.): and Here is further up to date info on the Focus Ireland website: and lastly(!!!), one of our You tube videos on our service: .

Contact person & organization: Focus Ireland,, tel:+35318786514

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