The Netherlands - JeugdWelzijnsBeraad (youth councils)

Target group: Young people with care experience

Main goal of the project: To give a voice to the youth through a youth council.

Short summary:The Youth Welfare Forum (JeugdWelzijnsBeraad, JWB) brings together client councils of youth care institutions in various provinces in the Netherlands. The JWB exists since the late 1970s. The objectives of the JWB are to enable youth care client councils to exchange experiences, to offer the councils information, to offer a learning environment for young people to participate in their institution and to act as an advisory body for provincial and central government authorities. As the JWB grew to over 30 connected youth councils in 2012 a NGO was founded. The board of the NGO is formed by youth council coaches AND most important youngsters themselves. In this interactive workshop coaches and youngsters will inform you about their progress as a board during the first year. Learn from their experiences and get inspired to start with or develop including youngsters in policy making in your own country!

Useful links (video’s, websites etc.):

Contact person & organization: Martine Tobé,

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