The Netherlands - Kinderperspectief Camps

Target group: Youth from youth care

Main goal of the project: The goal of the program is to construct a plan for multiple years to fully focus on the future.

Short summary: Kinderperspectief Camps is a project where youth from youth care from various countries can fully focus on their own future for a span of 7-8 days, with the result of having an individual multiple year plan. The fact that youth from different organisations with different backgrounds come together with the same purpose has a clear benefit. Every person in this camp works towards a personal 5-year plan.

The camp is under Dutch supervision. Added to this are counsellors of the different youths from the different countries.

The program consists of different assignments like: mind mapping, qualities game, discussing your lifeline, presentation of the participating countries and fun & relaxing.

Useful links (video’s, websites etc.):

Contact person & organization: Martine Tobé,

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