Spain - Employment support

Target group: Care Leaver Project to support independent living

Main goal of the project: Mentoring program to achieve independent living for care leavers

Short summary: The Labour Insertion program is aimed at young people who are supervised or care leavers by the Administration, young people with judicial measures and other young people at risk of social exclusion in the province of Granada between 15 and 25 years old.

Young people will access the program through child protection centers, other professional organsations working with young people, young people who are at risk of school failure and/or at risk of social exclusion.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM The program consists of three progressive phases, In a first phase the young person acquires general pre-employment skills and knowledge through individual and group training activities adapted to the individual characteristics of each young person.

In the second phase, the young person will be given specific training in Certificates of Professionalism, focused on the specific area of interest by the young person in a collaborating company that has previously selected him.

The third phase will focus on the development of professional training either voluntary or paid for a maximum duration of 6 months inconjuction with their professional company. Young people will recieve supervision, and support with basic needs such as housing, food, transportation while completing the training program. If the young people are successful in completing their training program they may be able to receive a contract of work with the company. In these cases this is a very successful outcome for the project and the young care leaver.

Contact: Inserta Andalucia, Francisco Lupiañez Garcia, C/ Asturias, 30, 18339 Cijuela (Granada), tel.0034958515085,

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