The Netherlands - Are you ready?! (peer to peer training)

Target group: Young people in care who are about to leave care.

Main goal of the project: To prepare and inform the target group in a peer to peer way, to share experiences and info and tips.

Short summary: This training is develloped by and for young adults at the end of residential care (care leavers) and their coaches. It is a peertraining to motivate and activate to start on time arranging and preparing for an independent life.

It is also ment for the coaches of the care leavers so they can follow up and make a plan of action.

It comes in a gamebox, as a toolkit and contains:

• Manual • Cards for getting to know each other • Get up questions • Films and debating cards • Quiz • Assignments

All parts aim to obtain knowledge and to share experiences and tips, so the participants will be more aware of all practical and financial things they need to be prepared for.

Useful links (video's, websites etc.):;; .

Contact: Nelleke Melse, Cardea, The Netherlands, Martine Tobe, Stichting Kinderperspectief, The Netherlands,

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