Scotland - Throughcare and Aftercare Services in Scotland's Local Authorities: A National Study

Target group: Researchers, Policy Makers, Service Managers and Decision Makers, Leaving Care Practitioners

Main goal of the project: To identify the current picture of local authority services and provisions for young people leaving care in Scotland (2014)

Short summary: This research establishes a picture of current throughcare and aftercare (TCAC) provision across Scotland’s local authorities and provides evidence that will inform ongoing debates about future directions and priorities for TCAC.

The research provides an evidence base to ensure all care leavers receive the support they need to make a successful and positive transition into adult life.

The research explored the nature and extent of throughcare and aftercare provision in local authorities across Scotland including:

  • Population characteristics of care leavers who engage with TCAC services

  • Views of the impact of TCAC services on outcomes for care leavers

  • Developments and challenges in the TCAC sector

  • Issues related to data collection about and monitoring of care leavers

  • Extent and type of change that TCAC services may face.

Useful links (video’s, website etc.):

Contact: Kenny McGhee, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow,

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