Germany - Care leavers - journey to independence

Target group: Care leaver in Baden Württemberg (federal state in Germany) Main goal of the project: “We are one Community!” Short summary: Network work with care leaver - CL-Weekend MBH Tübingen - Hold meetings of former care leavers from MBH Tübingen decentralised housing groups and the Albert-Schweitzer-Childvillage Waldenburg - Monthly former brunch in both locations, meetings between care receivers and care leavers - Offers sports, play and movement - Annual regional meetings take place - Workshops to inform the public

Drop-in centre to offer advice and inforation to care leavers and provide a bridge-builder to other institutions and services. National activities in the form of lobby work and public relations (more exact see under messages and aims).

The organisation “Aktion Mensch” has financed the project for 3 years. The project is a partnership cooperation between childrens villages and MBH Tübingen. It is overseen by an independent advisory board, which consists of care leavers, scientists and professionals from the University, Technology and child protection services.

Useful links (video’s, websites etc.):

Contact person & organization: Christina Kieslinger, Ulrike Amann, Martin-Bonhoeffer-Häuser

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