Austria - AusBildung bis 18

Target group: Young people between 15 and 18 years

Main goal of the project: To increase the level of education

Short summary: Education until 18 aims to ensure that all young people complete an education beyond compulsory school. Often, organisations engaged in youth work are closest to the target group and understand the concerns young people have. Compared with young people who have completed an education, young people who have only attended compulsory school have a three times higher risk of becoming unemployed later in life, and a four times higher risk of finding only unskilled jobs.

The duty to complete an education aims to guarantee that young people who need help after finishing compulsory school will receive support.

It is vital to raise the awareness for the important role of post-compulsory education or training even before compulsory school attendance ends. In this regard, organisations and institutions engaged in youth work can make a significant contribution. The earlier children or youths develop this awareness, the greater are the chances that they continue school or education.

There is a reporting system, including all institutions which are working with the target group, to ensure that drop-outs are detected as early as possible and intervention measures can be taken.

Depending on the individual needs, NGOs will provide personal trainers (Jugendcoaching) to support the young people. The support reaches from an information sessions to an intense supervision for a month.

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